The New $10 Banknote To Be Issued From 20th September 2017 with the
         Signature of the New Governor of The Reserve Bank PHILIP LOWE  

As advised following the release of the 2016 Next Generation $5 the 2017 $10 will be available from 20th September 2017. 

Carefully checked and selected notes Are Now available @ $13.00 each (General Prefix), in singles pairs and runs of your choice.

Bundles will be available for just $1100.   These prices will be available to all long standing clients and any orders received prior to 20th September, so please order early.

It may be difficult to sustain the above prices after 20th September, therefore don't delay in letting us know what you require, as these prices may need to be reviewed after that date.

We are presently doing everything possible to obtain both the First and Last Prefixes of the 2017 $10 notes.  We will notify all our clients as soon as these are available.

Due to the quantities printed, we see little reason for anyone to worry about missing out, consequently there should be no need to pay excessive prices to initially secure these notes.    

It would be most helpful if you would drop us a line and advise us of your requirements to enable us to order correct quantities to ensure we have enough for everyone.

As in the past, we are absolutely committed to the best price possible for our valued clients. 

This image shows the basic design artwork for the signature side.